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Ideal for: Commercial
Hotels, Restaurants, Reception Hall, Bar, Country Club.
Ideal for: Residential - Commercial
Hotels, Restaurants, Reception Hall, Bar, Country Club.
Veranda, Patio, Private House.
Ideal for: Residential - Commercial
Terraces, Balconies, Decks and Patios, Restaurants, Hotels, Bar, Private House.
Ideal for: Residential - Commercial
Swimming Pool for Hotel, Resort, Private House.
Retractable Awnings
Ideal for: Residential - Commercial
Terraces, Balconies, Decks, Patios for Commercial Business and Private House.
Commercial Coverings
Ideale for: Commercial
Hotels Entrance, Restaurants, Commercial Business, Special Coverings.
Ideal for: Commercial
Country Club, Resort, Open Spaces, Swimming Pool Area.
Ideal for: Residential - Commercial
Enclosures for Our Coverings.
Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Receptions, Private House.
Why telescopic retractable coverings?
Because the main advantage of Mobile Coverings is that, when the weather changes, you can open or close the arches that constitute the roof up to two thirds of its length. The structure can be opened and closed manually or by motor, mechanically operated by a switch.

Our covering systems use the best materials and fabrics. They resist rain, wind, snow, earthquakes and noises and keep dampness away from terraces, balconies, gardens, patios and boulevards.

All our structures are made of highly resistant varnished aluminum that never rusts. They are fully removable and no municipal permit is required.
The materials we use (aluminum, fabrics and so on) have undergone stringent security tests.

Elegance and style
Our coverings are being conceived by a team of engineers and architects in order to obtain the most polished design suitable for any urban or domestic setting (squares, houses and so on).

Quality and experience
Our experience goes back to 1958 and it enables us to design, manufacture and install our products of which we can assure the high quality. All components have been tested by some most qualified institutes such as ISTEDIL. Moreover, our team of structural engineers tests our products under the most severe weather conditions.

M.A.N.T.T./M.A.S.A.W. patent (Mantt/Masaw)
Our structures have been internationally patented and designed to offer the best quality and protection from wind, snow, hurricanes and earthquakes: an additional protection for your health provided by our multi-layered insulating system.
Our M.A.N.T.T./M.A.S.A.W. system has a snow melting device and built-in water canalization. The M.A.N.T.T./M.A.S.A.W. system is also equipped with an aseismic device useful in seismic areas such as California, Hawaii, Sicily, Naples and Turkey. It is also endowed with an anti-hurricane system resistant to winds up to 240 km/h, an ideal solution for Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Practical applications for businesses
Some possible practical applications concern: hotels, holiday camps, campsites, restaurants, pubs, swimming pools, wedding venues, sport centres, stadiums, airports, shopping malls and much more.
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